Unisex tariffs: effects on car insurance


So far, young men in particular have had to pay significantly more for their car insurance than women. That will change with the new unisex tariffs from December 21st. With the introduction of the new gender-neutral tariffs, men and women […]

Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight Unisex tariffs: effects on car insurance.  Gender-neutral tariffs for motor vehicle insurance are intended to remedy inequalities (source: imago images)

Super Cheap Xanax So far, young men in particular have had to pay significantly more for their car insurance than women. That will change with the new unisex tariffs from December 21st. With the introduction of the new gender-neutral tariffs, men and women pay the same contributions. Find out what effects this has and whether a change in car insurance tariff is for you worth it.

Car insurance: unisex tariffs put to the test

The social categories “male or female” determine the amount of the contributions to be paid when taking out car insurance. At the moment, men have to pay a higher contribution than women because, according to statistics, they cause more road accidents and therefore represent a higher risk for insurance companies. From December 21st, gender will no longer play a role as a factor in calculating premiums for motor vehicle insurance. From this point in time, the so-called “unisex tariffs” will come into effect across Europe, according to which the same tariffs apply to men and women when new insurance contracts are concluded. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) saw in the previous practice of the insurance industry an inadmissible discrimination that contradicts the equality directive of the European Union (AZ: C-236/09).

Men save only marginally on new tariffs For women, however, motor insurance will be more expensive than before due to the alignment of tariffs. In return, male road users do not always get away cheaper. The Association of the German Insurance Industry expects higher tariffs for customers on average. The association expects that the insurance companies do not know how many customers will actually opt for one of the new unisex tariffs and therefore calculate a safety surcharge for the new risk distribution, as reported by Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk.

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Do not rush to change your car insurance tariff

Important: The new unisex tariffs only apply to new contracts. Existing insurance contracts remain unchanged. The extent to which a change of tariff or even a change of insurance company is worthwhile can vary from case to case. Men in particular should find out in detail whether they can save money by switching to the new unisex tariff. For women, however, a change is hardly worthwhile. (Unisex tariffs: what changes with the Rürup pension)

Switching can pay off in individual cases

In this context, insurance expert Michael Bruns told Stiftung Warentest: “For women, car insurance will probably be more expensive. But it depends very much on the individual case and on personal characteristics that are discounted. For example, age, existing garage, employment in the public service, annual mileage, car model and year of construction, so that general statements are hardly possible. For example, novice drivers can save by insuring the car as their parents’ second car or by registering their car with the same insurance company as their parents. ” (Unisex term life insurance: cheaper for men)

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Check the terms of the contract carefully

Buy Yellow Xanax Online Anyone planning to change an existing contract should do so before December 21st. Because, according to, all changes to existing insurance contracts will be treated like a new contract after this deadline. In the event of a contract change, check your contract for so-called “reinsurance guarantees” or change clauses, which provide for regular adjustments to benefits and premiums. In such cases, the old conditions remain in place if changes are made.

Buy Soma 500Mg Online Consumers should carefully examine unisex tariffs

Consumer associations: Do not be pushed to sign a new deal Consumer associations are rather skeptical about the insurance reform. The abolition of the dichotomous gender model in the insurance industry is interpreted as progress, but the upcoming premium increases are not seen as comprehensible in this context.

Do not let the current media presence of the topic push you to take out a new car insurance policy. If you want to change tariffs or insurance, you should carefully check and compare incoming offers. The deadline for the cancellation of the motor insurance is November 30th. (Deadline November 30th – cancel your car insurance and save money)

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