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Trump rolled the European Union in Davos

The first days of the World Economic Forum brought the economic victories of the United States of America. Donald Trump has agreed with French President Emmanuel Macronto to postpone the digital tax, which was to cost American companies billions of euros this year alone. Subsequently, during talks with the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the American president again threatened to impose tariffs on European cars.

“The European Union has no choice but to conclude a new trade agreement
with the United States of America. Otherwise, we will introduce high tariffs
to European cars and we will add other goods, “said the American
President Donald Trump in an interview with the American television station CNBC. USA
European customs barriers to US sales have been trying for many years
genetically modified foods. They have already partially succeeded in the last
year in the summer, when Brussels agreed to increased purchases genetically
modified soya for livestock.

At present, Americans are mainly pushing for a halt to the construction of the gas pipeline
stream 2. It is to transport gas from Russia to the Baltic Sea
Germany. Due to the low price, it will be a serious competition for imports upon completion
American liquefied gas. It will also damage the Slovak Republic,
which, together with Ukraine, currently benefits from the transmission of Russian gas
via the Nord stream 1. The United States has
also interested in importing oil and others into the European Union genetically
modified foods. There is also great interest in building the latest ones
telecommunication 5G network. These should be key in the development of autonomous
transport and robotic production in factories.

According to the US president, there are no exact dates yet
imposing tariffs on European goods, but he personally already has some idea.
“And it’s quite an early date,” said Trump, who is planning a new one
conclude a trade agreement with the European Union by the November presidential

Dramatic changes in the WTO?

This year, the jubilee, 50th year is taking place in Davos, Switzerland
World Economic Forum. The meeting of world leaders was used by the USA at
lobbying for changes in the functioning of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
“We’re planning something and it’s going to be very dramatic,” Trump said on Wednesday
just before departure from Davos. About possible changes in the functioning of the world
The trade is due next week to meet directly in Washington General
WTO Director Roberto Azevedo.

Even before Trump took office, the world powers followed the rules
agreed within the WTO. American president as one
of the first leaders arbitrarily imposed tariffs on all imported steel and
aluminum. Thus, for the first time in modern history, the world has found itself in the economy
war, the result of which is the current slowing growth of Slovakia
economy. The agreed rules of world trade are still respected by the European
Union, which plans to introduce tariffs on cheap Chinese steel only after
unlawful state aid will be confirmed by WTO experts.

Trump vs. Thunbergová

A 17-year-old Swedish activist also spoke at the summit in Davos
for Environmental Protection Greta Thunberg. “Our house is shared
in flames, “she said. This sentence was intended to draw the attention of world leaders
current fires in Australia, which is a problem to extinguish due to extreme drought
caused by global warming. Thunberg also world
leaders called for more listening to young people, and in the audience with a stone
she watched Trump’s face. In it, the American president on one
side criticized environmental activists for their efforts to curtail
economic growth, but on the other he joined the initiative in the near future
years to plant a trillion new trees.

Back in 2015, 200 countries in Paris committed themselves to maintaining it globally
warming in the range of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius. United States
the Americans withdrew from the agreement after Trump planted in the White House.

“With today’s emissions, we will exhaust the reserve for compliance
the target set in the next eight years. That’s not the opinion, that is
scientific fact, I know you don’t want to write or talk about it, but I will
repeat until you start, ”Thunberg said. In Swiss
Davose discusses 3,000 participants from Monday to Friday
117 states.