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Trump praised his economic moves in Davos, urging companies to invest more

A meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) began in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday. The main topics at the jubilee meeting of the WEF, which celebrates 50 years, are, in addition to classical economic issues, the situation in the Middle East and especially climate change.

Davos Trump

After last year’s break at the forum, the American president spoke again
Donald Trump. He praised his economic policy in front of a full auditorium
and the trade agreements that his government has recently concluded.

He took credit for the deregulation of the economy, the closure of new ones
trade agreements and the creation of economic opportunities for ordinary people
workers and their families.

As he said, after years of economic stagnation, huge ones have formed
a number of economic opportunities, and according to him he is on it today
the US economy much better than he had assumed when he took office.
He also thanked foreign companies that invested in the US, and
he urged them to continue this trend. “It simply came to our notice then
nothing better than investing in the US, “he said.

He also recalled the trade agreements that the US has concluded with China and Mexico.
According to Trump, these agreements are a suitable model for the 21st century.

In addition, he commented on the issue of interest rates in the US and again
did not forget to criticize the US Federal Reserve. “The Fed has raised interest rates
rates too quickly, but reduced them very slowly, “
Trump said.

The president also told forum participants that the United States was
will join the WEF initiative, which includes planting one trillion
trees. On the other hand, he pointed out the economic importance of oil and gas.

Climate change is one of the main topics of this year’s WEF.
A Swedish climate activist is also taking part Greta
which in Davos declared the world’s climate
the movement it initiated is only the beginning of the fight against global warming
and much more needs to be done. According to her, people should be aware
in particular, that this is already a real crisis.