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The CEA General Administrator accompanies the President of the Republic during his visit to Russia


From May 24 to 25, François Jacq, General Administrator of the CEA, visited Russia on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic. During this visit, the CEA signed a strategic document on cooperation between Russia and France in the field of low-carbon energies in the presence of Presidents Macron and Putin. François Jacq and Alexey Likhachev, Managing Director of Rosatom, also co-chaired a seminar on industrial cooperation in the nuclear field between Russia and France.

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On the occasion of President Macron’s visit to Russia, from May 24 to 25, François Jacq and Alexey Likhachev, CEO of Rosatom, the state corporation for Russian atomic energy, signed a strategic document relating to the Franco partnership -Russian in the field of low-carbon energies. CEA and Rosatom share a common approach to the development of nuclear energy, a low-carbon energy allowing modern, reliable electricity production and contributing, in complementarity with renewable energies, to meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

CEA and Rosatom have a long-standing cooperation that covers a wide range of areas of expertise including nuclear physics, the development of the next generation of reactors, and training and skills development. The two organizations are also studying possible lines of cooperation in the fields of renewable energies, energy storage and energy efficiency. François Jacq and Alexey Likhachev also co-chaired a high-level seminar in Saint Petersburg on industrial cooperation in the nuclear field between Russia and France. Bringing together representatives of the main French companies (EDF, Framatome, Orano, Engie, GE, Schneider Electric, Bureau Veritas, etc.) and the managers of ROSATOM and its industrial subsidiaries, this meeting provided a global perspective of industrial cooperation in courses and discuss future opportunities for French companies to participate in projects led by ROSATOM. This meeting was organized as part of the mission entrusted by the French Prime Minister to the Administrator General in October 2017 to facilitate relations between the French nuclear industry and the state corporation ROSATOM. The CEO of Rosatom declared that he attached great importance to the supporting and facilitating role that the CEA can play in relations with French manufacturers.

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