New type classes make car insurance more expensive


Millions of motorists will receive mail from their motor insurance again in the fall – many should read what they read, but not like. Because some policies are significantly more expensive, but others are also cheaper. This has above all […] New type classes make car insurance more expensive.  The vehicle type hanges in half of the cars (source: dpa) Millions of motorists will receive mail from their motor insurance again in the fall – many should read what they read, but not like. Because some policies are significantly more expensive, but others are also cheaper. This has above all to do with changes in the type classes, which the insurers redefine every year. The new type classification has been in effect since October 1st. For the same vehicle, this can mean additional costs of up to 350 euros, according to an analysis by the comparison portal Transparo. We’ll show you the winners and losers in the type classes.

New type classes for 50 percent of the cars

According to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV), around half of all vehicles registered in Germany will be classified in a new type class at the turn of the next year. The type classes primarily reflect the damage and accident balances of around 22,000 different car model variants. If fewer claims were settled for a vehicle type than in previous years, it is classified in a lower class – and vice versa.

According to the GDV, the type class in motor vehicle liability insurance is primarily influenced by the type of vehicle and the driving style of the user. In addition to traffic accidents, car theft, vehicle fires and glass damage are also taken into account in the classification in comprehensive insurance.

Liability: BMW 335i around 60 euros expensive According to the GDV, the reclassification affects 47 percent of all vehicles in motor vehicle liability insurance. 59 percent of these are classified one or more type classes higher. For 41 percent, there are lower type classes and corresponding premium reductions.

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A prominent example of an upgrade is the BMW 335i with 306 hp. Transparo compared the tariffs of two providers for a 30-year-old driver with the no-claims class SF101. Before the upgrade by three classes to level 19, the two liability insurances for the BMW cost around 310 euros. Now around 60 euros more are due for the BMW. This corresponds to an increase in the price of almost 18 percent.

Skoda Superb is cheaper Motor vehicle liability insurance for the Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 TSI with 160 PS goes in the other direction. The gradation by five classes to level 14 ensures an insurance company has reduced it by around 100 euros to 326 euros. At another company, the tariff was reduced by 90 euros to just under 282 euros. In both cases this corresponds to a decrease of around 25 percent.

Many comprehensive insurance policies are cheaper Even if a comparison of the tariffs is only possible with reservation given the large number of parameters, the examples show how strongly the upgrade can have an impact in individual cases. This is particularly evident in the more expensive comprehensive insurance tariffs. In fully comprehensive insurance alone, around 45 percent of cars are affected by reclassifications. 36.5 percent of them are rated higher and 63.5 percent lower, said a GDV spokesman. In the partial comprehensive insurance, the type classes change in more than half of the vehicles (52 percent): 24 percent of them go one or more classes up, and 76 percent down.

Cost explosion at the Opel Astra Sportstourer There is bad news, for example, for drivers of the current Opel Sportstourer 1.4 with 140 PS: The station wagon is classified eight type higher in fully comprehensive insurance. For this model, too, Transparo determined the data from two insurers using the same parameters as for the aforementioned cars from BMW and Skoda. At both insurance companies, the premiums rose by over 300 euros to just under 900 euros, which corresponds to an increase of around 50 percent. In the partially comprehensive insurance, the Polo V 1.2 with 69 hp is more expensive. Our example driver would have to pay around 30 euros more with both insurers because of the upgrade by three classes to partial coverage level 17. Together with the liability, just under 420 euros are due. This increases the insurance premiums by around eight percent.

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Inquire about type class from insurance companies By the way, in motor vehicle liability there are 16 type classes (10 to 25). In the partially comprehensive insurance there are 24 classes (10 to 33) and in the fully comprehensive insurance 25 (10 to 34). Drivers can inquire about the type class of their vehicle from their motor insurer or access it on the GDV website.

Contract can be terminated If the contribution increases at the turn of the year due to a reclassification, the contract can be terminated – even beyond the statutory notice period (up to November 30th). By comparing the car insurance tariffs, a cheaper provider can be found under certain circumstances. In this way, the consequences of an upgrade can at least be limited. 1 Tariff components: change of insurer, registration district: Dachau (zip code: 85221), first registration (= authorization VN): 01.02.2012, policyholder = owner, driver: VN, born 01.02.1982, branch: other, use: exclusively private, Mileage: 20,000 km, parking space: outdoors, home ownership: No, SF 10, without cover letter, without workshop commitment.
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