How you can secure your return while you sleep with overnight money

Buy Alprazolam From India How you can secure your return while you sleep with overnight money.  Decent returns are possible even in times of crisis (source: dpa) The ups and downs on the stock markets are unsettling for many investors. They crave secure investment opportunities so they can sleep peacefully. There is a large number of products that are tailored precisely to such investors. For example, you can make profits with overnight and fixed-term deposit accounts without having to be a stock market expert. But there is one important rule that every investor should take to heart.

Thorough preparation in financial transactions

Experts always advise to secure everyday life first before investors invest their money in the financial market. “Protection comes before investing,” explains Hermann-Josef Tenhagen, editor-in-chief of the “Finanztest” magazine. It is quite possible to achieve an acceptable return with little effort and little risk. With thorough preparation, consumers can find solid forms of investment that they don’t need to constantly monitor. First, however, enough funds have to be set aside, for example for car repairs, a water pipe burst or a new washing machine. Tenhagen advises paying two net monthly salaries into a daily money account in order to protect yourself in case of emergencies. “With a good provider you currently get two to three percent interest.” Second, a consumer must ensure that he can pay for his insurance. If this question is also settled, “you can think about the mooring.”

Daily money or fixed deposit? Call money accounts offer the greatest flexibility here, as investors can access their money on a daily basis. However, compared to fixed-term deposit accounts, they offer less interest. The latter restrict the investor’s freedom of action more because the money invested is tied up over a fixed period of time – usually several years. If investors can take ten to 15 years, Tenhagen recommends an investment mix. “The question arises, how much risk do you want to take?” For example, if an interested party has 10,000 euros at their disposal and wants to get the money invested in the end, it is advisable to split them up into several offers.

How investors could split their money

Buy Diazepam Mexico Investors could, for example, put 2000 euros in a call money account. You have access to it at any time. 5000 euros are transferred to a fixed-term deposit account with higher interest rates. They could put the remaining 3,000 euros in so-called index funds, too Exchange-Traded-Fonds (ETFs) called, invest. These products replicate an index such as the DAX as precisely as possible. Even if an investor incurs losses in the equity funds, he can absorb them with the guaranteed interest on the fixed-term deposit and the savings account, says Tenhagen. In such a business, however, the effort increases. It is important, for example, to ask about the costs. Administrative costs, transaction costs, acquisition costs – all of this could have an impact. An expensive offer is not always bad, however. Qualified advice is strongly recommended.

Independent advice makes sense Annabel Oelmann from the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center in Düsseldorf recommends a similar approach. At certain points in life it makes sense to think about your finances, for example when starting your first job, before a wedding or when children are planned. “It is important to obtain independent advice,” explains the specialist.

Like Tenhagen, Oelmann sees opportunities for investments with a duration of up to five years primarily in overnight money or short-term fixed-term deposits. “However, interest rates are currently low, so consumers shouldn’t commit themselves for more than one to three years. Everything else is currently not worth it. ” In the case of investments of more than ten years in duration, she too sees an opportunity in diversifying various options. But here you have to be honest with yourself: “Even an index fund can mean too much stress for a person with a low risk appetite.”

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Laypeople should avoid stocks

“Hands off stocks if you have little idea,” advises Silke Wolf, managing director of the Bavarian Bankers Association in Munich. Any form of shares is only something for people who, on the one hand, could endure losses, and on the other hand, want to deal more intensively with the matter. “If you have little time and little idea, you should concentrate on a fixed income product,” says Wolf. The customer can conclude the contracts via the Internet or the telephone and thus has little effort. Of course, fixed-term deposit and overnight accounts have a disadvantage: The return is low. But investors can sleep peacefully at night.

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