Demantelement 1

End of the nuclear installations dismantling project at the CEA Grenoble center


At the beginning of February 2013, the walls of the research reactor
Siloé of the CEA center in Grenoble were demolished. These works of
“conventional” demolition symbolically mark the end of the project
dismantling of nuclear installations at the CEA Grenoble center,
now entirely focused on R&D for micro –
nanoelectronics, technologies for health and news
energy technologies.

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Launched in 2001, the project to clean up and dismantle nuclear facilities at the CEA in Grenoble, called “Passage”,
is directly linked to the end of its experimental programs in the
nuclear sector and CEA’s general strategy, which then consists of
bring together most of the organization’s nuclear activities
civilian in the centers of Cadarache (Bouches-du-Rhône), Marcoule (Gard) and Saclay (Essonne).

The project also aims to free up space for other activities at the CEA Grenoble center, now fully focused on R&D for micro – nanoelectronics, health technologies and new energy technologies. The “Passage” project allows the center to focus on these now strategic activities, while demonstrating the reversibility of nuclear installations.

The nuclear clean-up-dismantling operations concerned 6
“Basic nuclear installations” (3 research reactors, 1
laboratory, 2 waste and effluent treatment stations
the oldest of which dates from 1958, and the last of which operated until 2003.

actual nuclear decommissioning work completed
since the end of 2012, in accordance with the milestone set out in the
State-CEA performance.


The interior of the Siloé reactor building, 2nd half of 2012. The
red and blue paint marks correspond to controls
final radiological tests, aimed at ensuring the absence of radioactivity
artificial after remediation and dismantling
nuclear. © CEA

The additional operations, In progress early 2013, consist of:
– the “conventional” demolition of the buildings that housed the Mélusine and Siloé reactors,
– final clean-up of the Siloé reactor base, –
final sanitation at the Lama (Materials analysis laboratory
assets) and at the Sted (effluent and waste treatment station).


February 2013: “conventional” demolition of the Siloé reactor building. © CEA

These actions will be completed in mid-2013. The latest administrative decommissioning requests will be sent to the Nuclear Safety Authority this year also.

The center will then have industrial buildings or land that it can use for its other activities of research.