Child benefit for EU foreigners costs one billion euros Child benefit for EU foreigners costs one billion euros.  Many applications for child benefit come from Poland in particular (source: dpa)

Order Carisoprodol Online The child benefit entitlements of seasonal workers from other EU countries for their children living at home will add up to around one billion euros by the end of the year. This is reported by the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), citing information from the Federal Ministry of Finance. The basis of the payments is a judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) from June 2012. According to this, “unrestricted taxable seasonal workers” from the EU are also entitled to child benefit in Germany if the offspring lives in their home country. The increased number of applications overwhelmed the family benefits, the report said. The number of unprocessed applications is now around 30,000. The Ministry of Finance has made 3.3 million euros available for additional staff and around 90 new positions are planned. Child benefit amounts to EUR 184 for the first and second child, EUR 190 for the third child and EUR 215 per month from the fourth child. This means that the claim is significantly higher than in most of the neighboring countries, according to the “FAZ”. An increase in applications was expected, said the head of the family benefits office, Torsten Brandes, in “Welt” recently. “But this wave of applications surprised us.” The new applications come mainly from Poland.

Flood of applications paralyzes family funds

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets According to the “Welt”, the BA hardly complies with the processing of the applications. In many cases, applicants had been waiting for their money for more than a year. Around 30,000 applications are currently unprocessed. “The flood of applications paralyzes the affected family benefits.” At the same time, he assured us that there were no problems with domestic child benefit payments. As can be seen from the answer by State Secretary Michael Meister, the Ministry of Finance has therefore made 3.3 million euros available for additional staff. According to information from the “FAZ”, around 90 positions are planned.

“Germany also has duties”

The Green politician Franziska Brantner, however, has sharp criticism “The responsible ministries have obviously not noticed that Germany as an EU member not only has rights but also obligations,” she told the “FAZ”.

It all began with the lawsuit brought by the Polish seasonal worker Waldemar Hudzinski, who worked for a horticultural company in Germany from August to December 2007. For 2007 he was treated as subject to unlimited income tax in Germany upon his application. For the period during which he worked in this country, he applied for child benefit of 154 euros per child per month for his two children who live in Poland. Because he was denied this payment, the man went through all the courts and was finally right.
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