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CEA and MASEN launch two projects in Morocco


One year after the establishment of their research partnership, the CEA and MASEN (Moroccan agency for sustainable energy) signed, Friday 1is July, an agreement covering two projects in the field of solar energy.

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The new CEA-MASEN agreement was signed in Casablanca by Daniel Verwaerde, General Administrator of CEA, and Mustapha Bakkoury, Chairman of the Management Board of MASEN, in the presence of Jean-François Girault, Ambassador of France to Morocco. It follows on from the Partnership Memorandum, concludes on July 27, 2015, and takes the form of a multi-year collaboration contract (4 years) on various subjects:

  • Desalination project : this involves choosing a desalination technology, defining an optimal coupling scheme and an operating strategy for a desalination unit coupled to a solar source in Morocco. A preliminary draft (APS) of the desalination part responding to a typical case retained and a preliminary study in relation with equipment suppliers will conclude this work. A simplified pre-sizing tool will be developed and supplied. The specific case of solar greenhouses will also be examined. This project has a budget of € 335,000.
  • “Sustainability of solar systems” platform : its objective is to develop a platform – put at the service of industrialists – dedicated to the study of the sustainability of thermodynamic solar power plants (CSP). Masen and CEA will develop methods and tools to measure the durability of materials and components. The new platform will be based on Masen’s knowledge in the field of industrial thermodynamic solar power plants and on that of the CEA for research and technological developments related to components and systems for the CSP as well as the associated test methods. This project has a budget of 1.4 M €.

Other common research subjects are being studied, in particular in the field of the management of electricity networks, energy storage via the hydrogen vector and cooling networks. In addition to the signing of the new agreement, the CEA delegation, made up of Daniel Verwaerde, Nidhal Ouerfelli, Deputy Director of International Relations and Florence Lambert, Director of CEA-Liten, visited the NOOR solar power plant, located near Ouarzazate and inaugurated in February 2016 in the presence of the Minister Ségolène Royal.

Daniel Verwaerde during the signing of the CEA-Masen agreement

Daniel Verwaerde, CEO of CEA, during the signing of the CEA-MASEN agreement relating to two projects in the field of solar energy © OUERFELLI Nidhal / CEA