Capital-building benefits: it works


Don’t give away money: when it comes to the various forms of old-age provision, capital-building benefits are often an option. With this type of investment, you can improve your own retirement provision as well as receive money from your employer […]

Capital-building benefits: it works.  Capital-building benefits: Let us advise you.  (Photo: archive)

Don’t give away money: when it comes to the various forms of old-age provision, capital-building benefits are often an option. With this type of investment, you can improve your own retirement provision as well as receive money from your employer and the state. Asset-forming benefits (VL) are paid in a number of industries and allow savings of often more than 40 euros per month.

What are capital-building benefits anyway?

VL are primarily a contractually regulated cash benefit from your employer. This should create an incentive for you to secure a small accumulation of assets. Associated with this, these benefits can also be used as additional retirement provision. In addition to you and your employer, the form of investment always involves a credit institution and the state. For this reason, many employees refrain from applying. Saving with the boss and the state is very easy.

To click throughCapital-building benefits: the best tips

Start thinking about building up your wealth today. The earlier you use capital-forming benefits, the longer you pay into the respective form of investment and the higher the financial injection from the employer and the state.

This is how you get the cash injection

In order to receive capital-forming benefits, you only need a fund savings plan or a building society loan agreement in order to have the benefits provided with an additional employee savings allowance. However, clarify in advance whether the investments you have chosen are also recognized by the state as capital-building benefits. In principle, the state participates in your wealth creation if you earn less than 20,000 euros (spouse 40,000 euros) a year. The gross salary can be higher, because the cash injection is calculated after deducting the so-called advertising costs – i.e. the costs for the trip to the workplace or for the purchase of work clothing. Clarify your options with a financial institution you trust.

Wealthy benefits: The main products

Finally, the employer pays the contribution assigned in the working paper directly into the investment. Settlement is again based on wages, and taxes have to be paid – as for regular income.

Application and duration

The so-called employee savings allowance is tax-free, but you have to apply for it every year with your tax return. In addition to the amounts that your employer pays for you, you also receive additional money from the state in this way. A maximum of around 80 euros can be realized annually. The term agreed for capital formation payments is always seven years. Both you and your employer pay in money over a period of six years. In the seventh year, the contract comes to an end. After that, the total amount will finally be paid out to you. (VL terminate: That’s how it works)

Capital-building benefits: The right form of investment is crucial

It is up to you which form of investment you choose. All you have to do is submit a copy of the contract you have concluded to your employer. The amount of the return differs from investment to investment. There are big differences in the interest income from home loan and savings contracts, life insurance, bank savings plans or investment funds. (The most important products at a glance.) However, the various investments also guarantee different risks. So when you play high poker you can win a lot, but you can also lose a lot. The right amount is crucial. (VL: This is how you can get extra money)

Grant is particularly worthwhile for bankers

Depending on the industry, different grants are paid by the employer. These are regulated in your respective collective bargaining and employment contract. The range of payments varies enormously. According to Stiftung Warentest, for example, bank employees receive the current maximum rate of 40 euros per month. Civil servants and trainees get the lowest grants at just 6.65 euros. So you should research as quickly as possible to find out how high your capital formation grants are. (Capital-forming benefits depend on the sector)

Capital-forming benefits: calculation examples

The subsidies from the state are different. With home loan and savings contracts, you are granted nine percent of the maximum subsidized amount of 470 euros per year. So that’s 42.30 euros a year. The allowances are higher for equity funds. There are almost double the premiums here. With a state-subsidized maximum amount of 400 euros per year, the state has been adding a whopping 20 percent since April 2009. That’s already 80 euros a year. Depending on your income and marital status as well as your employment contract, you can benefit from capital-building benefits.

Your checklist for applying for VL:

– Even if the employer does not grant co-payments for VL, you can invest money. Your salary will then be reduced accordingly.

– Many financial institutions that offer VL require a minimum monthly savings amount. In addition, you can of course make voluntary deposits to save up.

– The income limit for state funding is 20,000 euros for singles and 40,000 euros for spouses.

– Payment is made after seven years. The money is saved for six years, with a one-year blocking period.

– The state subsidy for building society savings is limited to 470 euros (at 9 percent), for equity funds to 400 euros (at 20 percent).

– If both spouses work, they can both open their own depot.

– Early termination of the investment is often possible. However, the subsidy is then lost from the state.

– The employee savings allowance must be applied for annually with the tax return.

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