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Calviño fails in his attempt to chair the Eurogroup

The Vice President for Economic Affairs fell on the second vote. Irish Paschal Donohoe is the new president

The Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño. EFE

Resounding failure for the Spanish Government in its attempt to have the Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvin, chaired the Eurogroup.

Although it had the support of the most powerful countries in Europe (France announced a few hours before the vote that it was joining Germany and Italy in supporting the Spanish candidate), Calviño was defeated in a second vote by the Irish candidate, the conservative Paschal Donohoe.

All the optimism that the Spanish Government had displayed in recent days with the possibilities that Nadia Calviño would become the first woman to chair the Eurogroup was blown up in the second vote, when the Irish candidate prevailed. And it seems very difficult to explain how you can lose a vote in Europe with the support of the Franco-German axis from the outset.

It must be recognized that Paschal Donohoe has played his cards better than the Spanish Government, which has failed when it had everything in its favor for Calviño to be president of the Eurogroup.

Calviño has obtained only 9 of the 10 votes necessary to take over the president of the Eurogroup, to one of the majority.

Previously, the third candidate in the running had withdrawn, the Luxembourgish Pierre Gramegna, which was the one with the least support in the first vote.

He will take office on July 13

The Irishman will assume office on July 13, when the term of the current president, the Portuguese, ends Mario Centeno. Four days later the summit of heads of state will take place, in which the approval of the European reconstruction plan for 750,000 million euros will be addressed. The division that has been seen today in the Eurogroup will be repeated at that summit.

That is why it takes on a special message that Calviño has launched on social networks to the newly elected president of the Eurogroup. After congratulating him, he said he hopes they will work together to achieve “a solid recovery that leaves no one behind.”