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Britain estimates that a trade agreement with the United States will significantly increase mutual trade

No UK-US free trade agreement will apply to the British National Health Service (NHS). This was stated by the British government in connection with the publication of an outline of its goals in the area of ​​the transatlantic agreement.

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The British government estimates that if the barriers between
Britain and the USA, the value of trade between the two countries will increase by 15.3 billion
pounds (GBP). Negotiations are due to start this month.

“We want to reach an advantageous trade agreement to support the British
industry, “said UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Within
However, there are also clear statements that the British negotiators are
they will protect the state-funded National Health Service. “It simply came to our notice then
is for sale and the government is bound by the principles of the NHS, which is universal and
free of charge, ”states the government statement. “We are absolutely determined
that the National Health Service will not be sold, there will be no privatization, “
Johnson announced for the BBC as early as November last year.