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Bernard Cazeneuve and Ségolène Royal at CEA Grenoble


As part of a trip on the theme of energy transition, Bernard Cazeneuve and Ségolène Royal visited CEA Grenoble on February 9, 2017.

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Bernard Cazeneuve, Prime Minister, and Ségolène Royal, Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, visited CEA Grenoble on February 9, 2017. They were greeted by Daniel Verwaerde, General Administrator of CEA and by Stéphane Siebert, Director of CEA Tech, the CEA’s technological research department responsible for disseminating technology to businesses.

Mr. Cazeneuve and Ms. Royal took stock of the work carried out at Liten, a CEA Tech institute dedicated to New Energy Technologies, in favor of the deployment of the energy mix in France.

In terms of emission-free energy production, CEA Tech’s latest technological advances in the solar field were presented: high-efficiency photovoltaic panels and solar mobility. In the field of stationary energy storage, the achievements illustrated relate to future low-cost batteries, and their coupling with hydrogen systems allowing flexibility to be introduced in the management of the electricity network. This work is also highlighted in the field of ecological mobility: emblematic demonstrators were exhibited such as the Airbus E-Fan electric aircraft or the Energy Observer boat sponsored by Nicolas Hulot and Florence Lambert, Director of Liten.

The growing challenge of digital technology for the deployment of the energy mix was addressed through the advancement of research on the digitalization of the energy system (optimized management and management of energy production and distribution through smart grids) .

Finally, in terms of energy efficiency, CEA Tech illustrated with concrete examples the work carried out in the field of energy renovation of buildings and territorial demonstrators.